Breast cancer survivor shares journey through art

Breast cancer survivor shares journey through art (ABC7)

For Anna U. Davis, putting the pen to paper kept her going.

“While you’re in it, it’s like you have a backpack on and you’re just putting stuff in it and it’s just there,” she said, describing the burden of cancer.

The breast cancer survivor says art is her way of letting some of that go.

“I’ve taken something really negative and turned it into something that’s really motivating and positive,” Davis said, of her artwork.

Since she was diagnosed four years ago, she’s been documenting her journey through art. Each page of her journal tells a different story.

“This drawing is right after I found out that I had cancer, they told me I had to do another MRI,” she said, pointing to a drawing in the book.

She’s now taking some of her pieces and transforming them into 3D woodwork.

“Usually you do a rectangle or square when you do a painting and I’m interested in a more fluid form,” she said.

Once finished, she’s hoping the pieces will be on display and offer inspiration to others on a similar journey.

“Is this a horrible nightmare and I can’t wake up?” She said, of how the journey has felt. “It’s still like that, sort of, you know? It’s hard to understand that you’ve gone through this.”

The journal and her story are not yet complete.

“I think some are a little harder to do because I’m not ready to put it down yet,” she said, of some of the incomplete drawings.

Some of her pieces are on display at the Embassy of Sweden through December 10.

You can find more information on her project here

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