Bloomingdale residents discuss flooding with D.C. officials

    Every time it rains, people living in the Bloomingdale section of D.C. worry. that's because their streets and homes have flooded numerous times this year.

    D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray earlier last summer came to the neighborhood and named a task force to come up with short term fixes by years end to deal with floods like the ones in July.

    The long term fix is a $2.6 billion sewer project that would bury tunnels 100 feet under D.C. and would extend 13 miles from the blue plains treatment plant to RFK stadium to the Bloomingdale neighborhood and relieve these clogged sewers by 2025.

    In the meantime, D.C. Water is willing to give homeowners up to a $3,000 rebates to install backflow protectors, to keep sewage from backing up into homes.

    On Tuesday, they got to meet with city officials on how to prevent the flooding.

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