Bike sales, rentals up during SafeTrack

Bike sales, rentals up during SafeTrack (ABC7)

As metro track work and delays continue, many commuters are now trading the train for two wheels.

"If I go all the way to D.C. it's more difficult, but If I'm just commuting around Arlington, I typically just ride the bike," says Jared Kampa.

And it's turning into big business for some local bike shops.

Conte's Bike Shop in Arlington, has been open less than a year.

Located along the Orange line, Conte's employees say just over the past few months they've seen an uptick in the number of people purchasing bikes.

"Post the SafeTrack beginning, we've seen about a 20 percent increase in sales," Andrew Smith tells ABC7.

Smith says the main focus for new commuters now wanting to pedal to work is reliability

"You know what you're getting every day, you're getting the same amount of travel time to and from work," Smith adds.

Local bike shops tell ABC7 it's not just new bike sales that are seeing an increase, maintenance sales are also up for people now commuting more to work.

"It's what can we do to get it up and running to accommodate their trip to work are they gonna be on paved services, on they gonna be on gravel surfaces."

Rentals are up as well.

According to D.C. Department of Transportation, over the last two months, the number of people using Capital Bikeshare has gone up.

Just in October alone Bikeshare rentals were up more than 15 percent, compared to the same time last year.

While smaller, September also saw an increase of nearly five percent.

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