Rep. Don Beyer says FBI investigation into Bijan Ghaisar shooting wrapped up weeks ago

Rep. Don Beyer (ABC7)

Dozens of people lined a Fairfax County road to call for justice close to where an unarmed man was shot and killed by U.S. Park Police nearly a year ago.

The parents of Bijan Ghaisar, along with friends and supporters, held candles along Fort Hunt Road at its intersection with Alexandria Avenue.

It was at that intersection that Park Police officers fired nine shots on November 17, 2017, killing the 25-year-old Tysons Corner man.

Ghaisar had left the scene of a minor accident and was later chased by the Park Police. He pulled over and slowly pulled away from them three times. The third time they fired nine shots.

In the days following the shooting the Park Police released very little information. The FBI soon took over the investigation and also declined to make details of what happened public.

U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D – Alexandria) attended the vigil and told ABC7 News that he has learned the FBI’s investigation finished about six weeks ago.

Beyer says the results were turned over to the U.S. Justice Department, which will decide on possible charges against the police officers who were involved.

Beyer says Justice Department decisions can sometimes take years, and his office is pressuring it to move faster on this case, even if it means adding more people to work on it.

“We know they violated chase policies and weapons use policies, but will there be any consequences for these Park Police officers?” Beyer said. “I think the real frustration for us is it seems like a coverup. But we don’t know why the FBI or Justice would want to cover this up. It may just be that the wheels of bureaucracy move very slowly.”

“Hopefully the wall of silence is broken, and justice is served,” said Ghaisar’s father James at the vigil. “[We] could not believe that in this country, in this democracy, we have a year and we don’t know who these [officers] are, and why.”

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