Ballpark shooting first responders honored

Ballpark shooting first responders honored (ABC7)

Six months after a gunman opened fire on a Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, city leaders honored the agencies that helped on that chaotic June morning.

“We received an overwhelming number of phone calls,” said Doug Campbell, who is Deputy Director of the Department of Emergency Communications. “You’re not expecting to be rewarded because that’s what your expected to do, but everybody did a great job and I am glad we were recognized.”

Campbell helped his team get the first responders to Eugene Simpson Stadium in Del Ray. That is where two Capitol Police officers were in a shootout with the gunman.

“True partnership that day, that morning—a morning that will forever have us bonded,” said Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa.

“To the men and women that rushed in like they do every day-- it’s just a testament to their training and bravery,” said Alexandria Fire Chief Robert Dubé..

The shooter who opened fire on the congressional baseball practice was killed, but the four victims who were shot lived, including Congressman Steve Scalise.

“Thank you, colleagues and city council. Thank you for recognizing the work of our people,” said Alexandria Police Chief Michael Brown.

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