Authorities to search for remains of D.C. woman killed by ex-boyfriend in Stafford County

Pamela Butler (Family Photo)

ABC7 News has learned investigators will soon search an area of Stafford County for the remains of a D.C. woman killed in 2009.

Derrick Butler, the brother of victim Pamela Butler, tells ABC7 authorities were led to the area they’ll search by Jose Rodriguez-Cruz, who in early October pled guilty to killing her.

A source confirms to ABC7 that investigators will search an area near I-95 in Stafford County.

In return for a 12-year sentence, Rodriguez-Cruz pled guilty October 6 to second-degree murder and agreed to tell where he put Butler’s body.

Derrick Butler says the area Rodriguez-Cruz pointed out has changed over time, and investigators had to show him photos to help him identify it.

Rodriguez-Cruz admitted to killing Butler in the basement of her home on 4th St. NW in the Brightwood area of D.C.. He then removed her body through a window and drove it away.

Where the body was disposed of has remained a mystery ever since – one that may now finally be close to being solved.

After Rodriguez-Cruz pled guilty in October, Derrick Butler said his family was willing to accept the 12-year sentence if it meant they could finally get Pamela’s remains back.

“The time really isn’t that important to us,” he said outside D.C. Superior Court that day. “What we want is to bring Pam home and give her a proper burial.”

The Stafford County line is about 45 miles south of where Butler was killed in D.C.

Butler was 47 when she was killed and worked for the federal government.

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