Attorney Robin Ficker wins fight over speed camera ticket

Attorney Robin Ficker succeeded in persuading a judge to dismiss his speed camera ticket.

It was just before nightfall last Sept., when Ficker got a speeding ticket on Jones Bridge Road in Bethesda.

"I had just met clients in Prince George's County and was coming back to this office to file the paperwork," Ficker recalled.

Speed cameras clocked Ficker going far over the posted 35 mph. But instead of paying the $40 ticket, Ficker fought it.

"I knew as soon as I got it that the camera was not in a residential district," he said.

Ficker explained the speed camera is improperly placed, arguing that it's not with 300 feet of a residence. Therefore, the residential zoning doesn't apply.

The judge agreed, and Ficker won.

"...there was no residence within 900 feet of the camera location," Ficker continued.

Police said a convoluted zoning law created enough doubt with the judge that he dismissed the ticket. But police insist the area needs a speed camera. It has been the site of two fatal crashes.

Montgomery County Police Captain Thomas Didone said, "The main message is people need to respect the speed limit whether the camera is there or not. The speed limit is 35."

Bur Ficker disagrees, adding "they can't put speed cameras wherever they want to."

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