Army's Old Guard offers 2 retiring caisson horses for adoption

Caisson horses up for adoption. (Suzanne Kennedy/ABC7)

They served in positions of distinction in the Army's Old Guard. Now they are heading to greener pastures.

Quincy and Kennedy are two caisson horses of the Old Guard. For nearly a decade they have participated in funerals and other ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. They are both being put up for adoption.

Quincy is an 11 year old quarter-horse with a big personality. "He's great with children and elderly folks and really riders of all experience levels" says 1st Lieutenant Daniel Nicolosi. Quincy has a condition that makes him lame in his front feet and not able to stay with the platoon.

Kennedy is a 15 year old standard bred. He's better suited for an experienced rider. "He's a little but temperamental. He's a little bit fidgety with our soldiers" says 1st Lt. Nicolosi.

The horses were put up for adoption two weeks ago. Applications are still being accepted. For more information:

The horses will be placed in their new home by summer.

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