Army Ten-Miler shortened because of heat and humidity

(Photo, ABC7)

Runners call the Army Ten-Miler inspirational.

“You see the wounded vets out there, you see the active duty,” said Brian McSorley, who finished the run in one hour and 28 minutes.

Saluting those who served is one reason why race buddies McSorley and Elizabeth Bauernshub participate.

But this morning, their run was more sticky than they planned for October.

“I was a little surprised that it was as humid as it was because I wasn’t expecting that,” said Bauernshub.

They both finished right before 10:08 a.m. That’s when race organizers decided to cut off about a mile and cancel the kids run.

“You did see a lot of people getting carted off in the little emergency vehicles with stretchers on the back and they were asking us to move over to one side of the course so that those vehicles could get through to help people,” said Bauernshub.

Comments online show some disappointed runners.

But the race director issued a statement that said:

"The safety of our runners is paramount. The Military District of Washington is committed to providing a world-class road race in a safe and secure environment," said Jim Vandak, Army Ten-Miler race director. "The decision to downgrade the road race was made in coordination with medical, safety and race operations personnel."

“I certainly can understand people being disappointed. You know you register for this race in advance and you train for it and get ready for it. But at the same time at the end of the day it’s a race,” said McSorley.

The finishing medals say Run Army, Run Strong.

But on a day like Sunday, it’s tough to be Army Strong.

“Really you don’t want anybody to get hurt or injured just for a race,” said McSorley.

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