Police: Students arrested for underage drinking while playing a football game in Arlington

Several students from a high school in Arlington County were arrested for underage drinking while playing a powder puff football game on Saturday, authorities said.

According to Arlington Police, around 1:10 p.m. they responded to Jamestown Elementary School for reports of around 20 to 30 teenagers drinking. As they were arriving on the scene, police say some of the teens fled but some were arrested.

One of the students was so heavily intoxicated they were taken to a hospital, police added.

Police say only a small group of teens were arrested and they were later released to their parents.

Furthermore, police say evidence of drinking was found on the scene.

According to the school officials from Yorktown High School, where several of the arrested students attended, the event was not organized by them. Also, it's unclear at this time if all of the students attended the high school or just some of them.

An investigation into the incident remains ongoing.

The following is a letter sent to parents from Yorktown High School:

"Dear Parent or Guardian,
It has come to my attention that several of our students participated in or attended a Powder Puff football game this weekend. At the game, it has been reported that several of the students who participated or attended the game also engaged in use of substances and drank alcohol to excess.
While this was not a school sanctioned event which occurred off-site, it is, of course, all of our responsibility to ensure that our students are safe and practice making positive decisions. We continue to share information with our students about the negative effects of substance use and drinking alcohol and give them opportunities to practice strategies that will remove them from situations in which alcohol and substance use are promoted. Please reiterate this message by reminding your child of the expectations you have set forth to help ensure they are practicing safe behaviors. Our influence as the trusted adults in their lives is greater than we sometimes believe. Never shy away from open and honest conversations with them regarding their safety and the safety of others. Please know that there are several resources available to you and your child that will support this work:
· Dr. Mila Vascones-Gatski, Yorktown’s Substance Abuse Coordinator (703-228-2541)
· Assistant Principals
o 9th grade - Scott McKeown (703-228-2618)
o 10th grade – Suzanne Evans (703-228-5433)
o 11th grade – Bill Lomax (703-228-5405)
o 12th grade – John Doll (703-228-5406)
· Cpl. Andrew Nucelli, Yorktown’s School Resource Officer, (703-228-5364)
· APS Substance Abuse Counselors
· APS podcast featuring APS Substance Abuse Counselors and shares programs and strategies to address student substance use and abuse.
Thank you for your ongoing support of our efforts to keep our students safe.
Bridget Loft
Arlington Public Schools
Yorktown High School
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