Arlington Memorial Bridge a pothole minefield during rehabilitation project

Arlington Memorial Bridge's major pothole problem (ABC7)

The timeless and serene beauty that defines the Arlington Memorial Bridge has been overwhelmed by a necessary and extensive rehabilitation project now complicated even further by a major pothole problem.

There are dozens of potholes in a lane heading into Virginia. Some potholes so deep that you can see the rebar.

It’s hard to know how many cars have fallen victim to this unattended mess. But here’s what we do know.

A spokesperson for the National Park Service confirms to ABC7 News that the federal agency is aware of, and monitoring, the potholes that litter this busy span. The agency claims it’s filling them as quickly as possible.

But how long have the ones with exposed rebar been left to fester like an open wound?

We asked the NPS, repeatedly, if the government shutdown had slowed down the process of filling potholes. We never got a response.

We’re told that emergency pothole patching will happen Tuesday after the morning rush. During that time an additional lane will be closed so drivers are being advised to avoid the area.

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