Arlington kitten rescue raises $10,000 in memory of veterinary assistant who took his life

The memory of an Arlington veterinary technician lives on years after he took his own life.

The memory of an Arlington veterinary assistant lives on years after he took his own life.

Chris Griffey, worked at NOVA Cat Clinic in Arlington. His colleagues say he was a dedicated team member and friend and spent much of his life helping those on need (both human and animal).

Last month - CEVA Animal Health raised $10,000 through a foundation in his honor. It happened through a video posted on social media that donated $1 to the foundation for every share. The campaign successfully raised $5,000 from CEVA alone and inspired over an additional $5,000 in donations from private donors.

Ellen Carozza, a veterinary technician, named the foundation in honor of Griffey. The foundation takes in sick and at-risk foster kittens and provides them with veterinary care and adoption services.

One of those is named Queensbury, a small kitten that recently underwent an amputation on her leg.

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