Arlington County offers class on life-saving methods before first responders arrive

Arlington County offers class on life saving methods before first responders arrive. Thursday, March 8, 2018 (ABC7 photo)

How would you react in an emergency? Not sure? Arlington County is offering a class called “Until Help Arrives” to teach county employees and residents what to do to help save lives before first responders arrive.

Roseann Sdoia lost part of her leg after a bomb exploded during the Boston Marathon and is alive to share her story, thanks to complete strangers who stepped in to help.

“Not putting that tourniquet on me that day, I would have died,” she said.

Stopping the bleeding is critical and Arlington County is offering a hands-on approach, and for good reason.

“There’s a little bit of shock in every situation,” explained William Flagler, Arlington County Emergency Management.

For first responders, the help is often welcome.

“It’s like a force multiplier. We can go to work and build upon what they’ve already done,” said James Bonzano, II, Arlington County Fire Chief.

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