Antonio Alvarez-Benitez killed in unusual biking accident in D.C.

    An unusual accident resulted in the death of a bicyclist early Saturday morning.

    Antonio Alvarez-Benitez died along a stretch of Morton Street in Northwest D.C. on Jan. 12.

    According to investigators, the victim had a barbecue grill tied to his handlebars using a piece of twine. As he was riding, investigators say, part of the grill and a piece of twine got entangled in the wheel, causing the front wheel to lock up.

    The 28-year-old was thrown from his bicycle and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

    Using a translator, the victim's friend said, "He says he is shock. He says he cannot believe that happened to his friend."

    Alvarez-Benitez lived less than a mile away from the scene of the accident in an apartment building on Kenyon Street.

    In a city with a growing number of cyclists, ABC7 saw several riding around without helmets. While Alvarez-Benitez was found with a helmet, police say, it is not known if he was wearing it when he was thrown from the bike.

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