Anne Arundel police can't use cell phones behind the wheel

MILLERSVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - There were a few complaints when Maryland made handheld cell phone use while driving a primary offense -- meaning drivers could get pulled over at any time and ticketed.

But the fact that this law exempts police has caused some consternation.

So many accidents happen when you're texting and driving," says Mike Messick.

"Are they safer drivers than all of us? I don't think so," adds Lucas Pardew.

But Anne Arundel County Police Chief Kevin Davis says he agrees.

"I don't think anybody in society likes to see a cop car that's speeding, they don't like to see a police officer that doesn't wear his or her seat belt, and they don't like to see a police officer on a handheld cellphone device," he explains.

Davis has become the first chief in the area to order his officers to follow the same law as the rest of us, forbidding handheld cell use in all Anne Arundel cop cars.

"It's a safety issue -- to hold a handheld cellphone to your ear while you're driving is a distraction I don't think drivers can truly overcome," Davis says.

Maryland residents we spoke with say it’s a good call.

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