Anacostia High School celebrates seniors going to college

In 2009, Anacostia High School was considered one of the worst schools in the District. At the time, just 57 percent of the student body was graduating, and even fewer went on to college.

What a difference three years makes. Over that time span, the school has increased its graduation rate to 79 percent and two-thirds of graduating seniors are off to college, including those who announced their choice of schools on Tuesday.

The school is proud to be holding to be holding signing celebrations like the one put on at the school Tuesday. Along the same vein as signing days for future college athletes, Anacostia celebrated academic excellence in the same way.

"I know we have future senators and scientists," Dr. Ian Roberts, the school's principal, said of the 114 seniors heading off to college. "You have exactly what it takes."

Each student who announced their college choice said that they're confident the school prepared them well for their next step in education.

"It has made a lot of changes," graduating senior Attalah Shabazz said. "It's not one of the worst schools in DCPS."

Those changes also caught the attention of businessman Stedman Graham, Oprah Winfrey's boyfriend, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

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