American Idol holds auditions in Annapolis, Maryland

American Idol is in Annapolis hosting auditions for the 2018 season. (Photo, ABC7) 

Voices were on pitch, instruments in tune and cheers loud at the American Idol auditions held in Annapolis Tuesday.

You’d scream to if your daughter was heading to Hollywood.

“I’m feeling so stoked!” Tanya Meadows exclaimed “It’s not just her dream. It the dream for our family. This is so huge.”

Her daughter, Morgan Dean, was the first to receive a golden ticket today.

“I’m really glad I came out. It was the best experience in my life,” Dean said.

Dean and her family are from Elkton, Virginia.

ABC7 News also met Megan Hammond. She's from Chester, Maryland, singing in line; a line that seemed never-ending full of hopefuls outside Westfield Annapolis Mall.

They waited in the heat, before judges turned on the heat. One after another they sang their hearts out as parents watched from the sideline.

Most left empty handed, but not Chrissy Scott.

“I’m really excited, but at the same time I’m really scared,” said Chrissy Scott. “Because there were a lot of great people here today and I’m so young.”

She got one of the ever-elusive golden tickets. So, what’s next to this 15-year-old?

“I’m thinking about taking her to school!,” her farther said.

Here's everything you need to know if you want to try and become the next American Idol.

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