Alsobrooks calls on Md. lawmakers to strengthen law after Carraway school sex abuse case

State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks calls on Md. lawmakers to strengthen law after Carraway school sex abuse case. (ABC7)

In multiple civil lawsuits filed against the Prince George’s County School system, it has been alleged that the administration of Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School knew but did not report that now-imprisoned teacher’s aide Deonte Carraway was abusing multiple children in the school.

Prince George's County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks considered charges against the principal of the school but found the law was not on her side. Now she wants the law changed.

“What we know is that what happened at that school should not have happened there and we know it should never happen again,” Alsobrooks said.

Alsobrooks appeared before the Maryland House Judiciary Committee to support a bill that would allow criminal charges against those who don’t report abuse or neglect of children.

Adam Rosenburg of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center said the case of Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar is proof of the need.

“As we saw in the Nassar case, 14 people who very much knew abuse was going on year after year and did nothing about,” Rosenburg said.

Both proponents understand the specific language in the bill that requires “actual knowledge” of abuse is likely to be debated, but hope a compromise can be achieved.

“This has been a toothless law and we just want to ensure we have every tool available to us if we need it,” Alsobrooks said.

It’s not known if the bill will come out of the committee or become law. There is opposition and often there is a reluctance to change criminal law.

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