Albrecht Muth delusional, doctor says

(AP, ABC7) - A German-born man charged with killing his socialite wife in Washington is being transferred to a psychiatric hospital for a competency screening after a doctor said he was delusional.

Albrecht Muth is charged in the August strangulation and beating death of his 91-year-old wife Viola Drath, a German journalist and socialite, in the fashionable Georgetown neighborhood.

A doctor who has met with Muth for months said in court Tuesday that Muth has hallucinatory visions of the Archangel Gabriel and takes directions from him.

MORE:{ } READ E-MAILS sent from Albrecht Muth to ABC7's Kris Van Cleave.

He said that Muth believes God will take care of him during a planned 40-day fast.

Superior Court Judge Russell Canan found Muth currently incompetent for trial pending the outcome of the screening.

Muth was earlier granted the right to defend himself. However, a judge suspended that right.

Muth has denied he killed his wife.

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