Airman stages surprise reunion with his girlfriend at University of Maryland game


Senior Airman Adrian Robinson had one major mission on Thursday night after a 14-hour flight from Kuwait.

The 25-year-old airman hasn’t seen his girlfriend Raven Harris in six months.

Raven thought Robinson would be back in the United States on Friday, but she was in for a big surprise when he showed up at the women’s basketball game at the University of Maryland.

Raven, 22, serves as the Terp host at the games.

“Just seeing him tonight, it just made it even more special,” Harris said.

The two have been together for about a year and this was the first time they’ve been apart for several months.

“We knew we would see each other again, hoping and praying,” Harris said.

“As a military service member, it’s very tough to be away from loved ones. So she has been holding me down through the tough times,” Robinson said.

Robinson doesn’t know when he’ll be asked to leave the country again, but in the meantime he plans on treasuring precious moments with Raven and all his loved ones.

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