Airbnb expects thousands in D.C. for inauguration weekend

    Airbnb expects thousands in D.C. for inauguration weekend (ABC7)

    Lyudmila Tregubova is no stranger to using Airbnb. She has hosted guests, she says, since 2007.

    “I have a lot of stories, these people are just great, they become my friends,” Tregubova said.

    She says over inauguration weekend, she’s earning a bit more than usual.

    “This inauguration, it was, for me, it was new, the prices just went up,” she said, of checking out other peoples’ listings on the site.

    She raised her price from the typical $100 per night for the room in her home to $650 per night.

    “Oh I jumped! I have money for my ski trip!” Tregubova said, excitedly, of having the room booked.

    She says a guest reserved the room last spring at her normal price, but when Clinton lost, the guest cancelled.

    “It wasn’t surprising because that’s what was happening,” she said, of people cancelling reservations. She says the room rebooked right away.

    A report posted on Airbnbcitizen says, “With over 13,000 guests booked, Inauguration Day 2017 itself will be the biggest single night ever for Airbnb in the District of Columbia.”

    “This is important to the history of the United States, and, of course, I want to be around and talk to different people with different views,” Tregubova said.

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