Adrian Dantley, NBA Hall of Famer, loves being a school crossing guard in Silver Spring

Adrian Dantley. Photo: ABC News

An NBA Hall of Famer is scoring a new batch of fans as a school crossing guard.

Adrian Dantley is off the court and on the streets of Silver Spring in an unusual career change.

Dantley says he isn't directing traffic for the money or as a publicity stunt. He's doing it for the love of his hometown.

In the middle of the street, outside New Hampshire Estates Elementary School is a 6-foot-5 NBA great turned crossing guard for an hour every school day...

"I think the previous crossing guard was a short person, so they just kept looking at me," Dantley says.

"He's awesome," says Kadian Roofe, who lives across the street. "Every time I see him, he always has a nice smile and he's very polite."

Dantley, 58, spent 15 seasons in the NBA. The D.C. native was a standout at Dematha Catholic High School and an All American at Notre Dame.

"First of all, it's not beneath me to be a crossing guard," Dantley says. "I think that's what the big hoopla is about. 'Like, holy cow, what is he doing being a crossing guard? He must be broke or having hard times.' That's not the case at all. I just like what i'm doing."

And parents watching what he's doing say he's scoring big points these days with them, too.

"A lot of these kids, they don't have certain role models or if they do have role models, they think they're unreachable and to say that my crossing guard once played professional basketball and he's right here with me, that's great. That's awesome," Demetrice Roofe says.

Dantley said the other crossing guards teased him when he started, saying he wouldn't last a month, especially in the winter.

He plans on keeping his job for the next 20 years. Among the perks, he no longer has to pay for health insurance out of his own pocket.

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