Adam Kokesh granted bond after drug, gun posession arrest

After a weekend in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center and an initial hearing during which he didn't say a word, activist and Iraq war veteran Adam Kokesh was granted bond Monday.

A Fairfax County judge gave Kokesh, who is facing gun and drug charges after a video of him surfaced showing him allegedly loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza, $5,000 bond. He'll likely be released from custody later Monday afternoon.

Kokesh was arrested last Thursday at his home in Herndon. He’s accused of possessing hallucinogenic mushrooms and a gun-related offense.

He'll be placed on pre-trial probation and will be prohibited from possessing firearms until his case is complete.

The video Kokesh posted on July 4 showed him loading and cocking a shotgun just blocks from the White House while making allusions to a final American revolution.

Kokesh earlier called for people to march into D.C. with loaded firearms, a violation of D.C. law. He later called off that demonstration.

During earlier court appearing, Kokesh was uncooperative and refused to speak.

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