Activists remember pedestrians killed in DC, call for changes

Activists remember pedestrians killed in DC, call for changes (ABC7)

Nearly two dozen residents walked down 13th Street despite the messy weather on Thursday.

They then paused, in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue, to read off the names of the 10 pedestrians killed in D.C. this year.

“Tonight, I’m walking for a friend of mine that I lost, Carol Tomason, who was good family friend and about a month ago she was killed in an intersection,” said Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen.

Monica Morin fully understands the struggles that pedestrians and cyclists face on the roads. She says she was biking home from work recently, when she was hit by a SUV.

“And sent me flying in the crosswalk. It was a low speed collision, but still quite jarring,” she said.

Morin, like others, are pushing for changes that could protect everyone.

“I would like to ban right turn on red, definitely. I would like to see enforced speed limits with more speed cameras,” she said.

Allen has heard the cries, he’s working on legislation that he hopes will take the city on a path to lifesaving solutions.

“Everything from trying to ban right on reds around schools, around places where people are the most vulnerable, trying to slow things down, trying to reduce the speed limits on residential streets.we have a long way to go,” Allen said.

So far this year, there have been 31 traffic fatalities in the District.

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