AAA receives over 15K calls for emergency service as frigid weather hits DC area

AAA mid Atlantic received over 15,000 calls for emergency assistance yesterday. Off to a busy start Tuesday morning. ABC7's John Gonzalez is on a ride along and within minutes got a call for a dead car in Alexandria, VA. (John Gonzalez/ABC7)

As the frigid temperatures continue in the DC area, AAA Mid-Atlantic is reporting their agency has received over 15,000 calls for emergency service during the last 24 hours.

AAA crews were off to a busy start Tuesday morning with a call for service in Alexandria. A driver's car died prompting roadside assistance from a AAA worker.

Since Monday was a federal holiday, AAA officials tell ABC7 they anticipate more emergency calls on Tuesday.

Three reasons for cars breaking down in the bitterly cold weather are batteries, electrical issues, and tires.

If the battery is five years old there is a good chance it will struggle in cold weather and won't start. Cars also have electrical problems in frigid conditions and tires tend to go flat. For every 10 degrees the temperature drops, a car tire loses a pound of pressure.

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