7OYS: D.C. Council to propose law to fix undeserved ticket issue

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - DMV Director Lucinda Babers is responding to critics who say that when it comes to challenging a ticket in D.C., it’s guilty until proven innocent.

“We do not want the government to issue a ticket to someone who should not have been issued a ticket," she says.

Babers believes that people are absolutely being treated fairly when it comes to receiving tickets:

“I review hundreds of these cases, and in many cases I do something about it if I think they weren't [deserved], if they have evidence."

But not everyone who receives tickets is reaping the benefits of Babers' thorough reviews.

"I had to end up going to 7 On Your Side to try to get some help to get someone to listen to me, says Jocelyn Johnson. She told D.C. Councilmembers about her experience challenging three photo tickets.

But before she could receive a response from the DMV, $400 from her tax refund was seized. Now, her appeal is still pending more than a year later.

And she isn’t alone. 7 On Your Side has helped several people who didn’t deserve citations – including an 87-year-old who kept getting tickets for cars that didn’t even belong to her, and the Eastern Shore man who got tickets meant for FedEx and UPS.

Our reports prompted Councilmember Mary Cheh to call for a hearing on Tuesday, a first step in crafting a proposed law to fix the problems.

"People have to get a fair shake, they have to believe they are getting a fair shake, they have feel they are being treated fairly," says Cheh. "I want to thank 7OYS for those cases they brought to our attention, because they gave us the momentum to focus on this and make it better. So thank you."

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