7 On Your Side: Is Apple Sabotaging Your iPhone?

(Photo, ABC7)

GEORGETOWN (ABC7) – An independent technical study determines iPhones do not get slower with time, despite widespread suspicions.

7 On Your Side went to the Georgetown Apple store and asked whether iPhone users noticed slowdowns either after upgrading operating systems or when a new iPhone model is released.

“Yeah, I just upgraded to iOS11 and the phone randomly shuts down, the battery goes from 100% to 0%. I was in the middle of taking a picture and the phone just shut down,” said Apple customer Bill Stelling.

“I thought it was slower. I don’t know if that’s just imagination. Just opening up apps. I'm hesitant of upgrading actually,” said Ingo Zamperoni.

“There's definitely a difference in one generation of iPhone to the next, but saying a new generation of iOS causes an existing phone to run slower is just not true,” said Futuremark General Manager Ryan McCall.

Futuremark, a UL technology testing company, released the finding of their study during the release of iOS11 and the iPhone X. Using user-submitted benchmark information collected through Futuremark’s “3DMark” app, the company compiled speed data for the past years. The data shows computing and graphics performance through CPU and GPU chips remained constant no matter which operating system or phone was released.

“This study was not commissioned, requested or paid for by anyone. We did this on our own design and utilized all of our own data. We did not consult with anyone outside of our own company,” said McCall.

“That's the real thing. It's not Apple slowing down your phone, it's new features that are designed for the newest model of phone that may proceed to run slower on your older devices,” added McCall.

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