Provisional votes counted in Stafford delegate race as Democrats lose by 82 votes

Provisional ballots are being counted in hotly contested House delegate race in Stafford, Va. Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017. (Stephen Tschida, ABC7)

Provisional votes were counted Tuesday in the Stafford House of Delegates race with Democrats losing by 82 votes, according to ABC7's Stephen Tschida.

The Republican stronghold of Stafford likely will remain in the Red. A judge denied a request to delay the counting of provisional ballots.

The Board of Elections then voted 2 to 1 to not count 50 absentee ballots because they arrived after the polls closed.

Democrat Joshua Cole lost the house race to Rob Thomas by 82 votes. Cole picked up 11 provisional votes and Thomas picked up nine.

ABC7's Stephen Tschida reports Cole wanted absentee ballots counted as well.

The combined absentee and provisional ballots totaled about 105. Now the Board is going through the provisional ballots determining which to count.

But it doesn’t appear to be enough to alter the outcome.

Control of the Virginia House of Delegates remains uncertain.

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