3 women say Uber driver in D.C. sped off with their luggage in her trunk

Three women say Uber driver sped off with their luggage in her trunk. (ABC7)

A simple Uber trip turned into a frustrating nightmare. Three women left fighting for their luggage.

The women say when they got out of an Uber at a D.C. hotel and went to get their bags, the driver took off.

Lindsey Wright and her two friends from Philadelphia are now stuck in DC attending a conference with no luggage.

"I am hysterically laughing in disbelief,” Lindsey Wright said.

The Uber driver picked up the three women at Union Station. The driver was polite and even had a five-star rating on the Uber app. When the women were dropped off at the Mayflower Hotel, that's when things became strange.

"We all got out of the car," Wright said. "We asked the Uber driver to get our luggage out of the car and she drove off with it."

Said Cai Yoke, "We started lightly banging on the trunk to let her know we had stuff there and then she kind of sped up and went around the corner."

Maggie Tracy, the third passenger, ran after the Uber but it never stopped.

"I was thinking, 'Not today.' I was not going to let that happen to us,” Maggie Tracy said.

They quickly contacted Uber through its app and on social media and even called the driver through the Uber app but claim she hung up twice.

7 On Your Side tracked down the driver to an apartment building in Maryland, but nobody answered the door.

The women said after multiple chats with Uber, including an hour and half phone call, they still do not have their luggage.

"It was really disheartening. Discouraging," Yoke said. "Really disappointed that Uber didn't take us seriously."

A police report has been filed. Mayflower Hotel told the I-Team it does have surveillance video. Uber told the women that its driver says nothing was found in the car.

Uber won't talk on camera but did email:

"This report is extremely concerning and we are actively looking into the situation. We will cooperate with police on their investigation."

"I will absolutely never use Uber again,” Tracy said.

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