25 pound cat stands on its legs for treats; looking for a home

25 pound cat stands on its legs for treats; looking for a home (WRIGHT WAY RESCUE)

An overweight homeless cat has become an internet sensation after an Illinois no-kill shelter posted eye-catching photos of the 25-pound cat standing on its hind legs.

Bruno is a 7-year-old Russian Blue cat who is searching for his forever home.

Bruno is estimated to be 18 pounds overweight and apparently comes with some extra toes, too.

Shortly after the Wright Way Rescue made a viral facebook post, the shelter received dozens of applications.

The photos may be the reason he's received so much interest in his adoption. Partly, because he's so overweight and also because he can be seen standing on his two hind legs.

The shelter tells us they aren't sure where he learned to do it but he usually does it when he wants food. (Coincidence that he's overweight?)

Now, they are sorting through applications to see which home he will fit well in.

The shelter says he was dropped off after by a family who says he wasn't quite getting along well with their children.

He is said to be extremely high maintenance but overall a really good cat. He likes to chat, lay next to his owner, and receive scratches.
He may also like to be pet while eating and drink water from certain places around the house.

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