2 PGPD officers arrested in Florida in separate, unrelated cases

Officer Steven Tyler Pascal, left, and Officer Charles Keith Williams Jr.

Two Prince George’s County Police officers were arrested over the weekend in Florida in separate and unrelated incidents, one for resisting arrest and one on a domestic violence arrest warrant, a police spokesperson has confirmed.

As Miami Beach Police officers were deescalating a large fight, Prince George’s County Officer Charles Keith Williams Jr., 25, identified himself as an officer and approached the officers who had a man and a woman in custody.

Police say Williams walked through several officers and showed his police badge as they ordered him to step away. When an officer told him they were in the middle of an investigation, he still refused to follow orders to go away and continued to walk around in the area, waving his arms, police say.

When another officer tried again to get him to leave, Williams “took an aggressive fighting stance, bladed his stance, staggered his feet and balled his fist, and began to size up” the officer, according to a Miami Beach Police report (see affidavit below).

The Miami Beach officer took the Prince George’s officer to the ground with an arm bar and a leg sweep, and arrested him. Williams was charged with resisting arrest.

In a separate case, Miami-Dade County Police arrested Prince George’s County Officer Steven Tyler Pascal, 27, on an arrest warrant.

A spokesperson for the Anne Arundel County Police Department tells ABC7 News that the commissioner issued an arrest warrant for Pascal on a charge of domestic violence after his girlfriend came to a police station while Pascal was in Mexico.

Pascal and Williams will both be suspended as standard operating procedure when they return to the county. An internal affairs process will begin after criminal proceedings are complete, according to Prince George’s County Police.

Complaint/Arrest affidavit: Charles Keith Williams Jr.:

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