16-year-old Va. HS student charged with assaulting school resource office, administrator

Fairfax police car (ABC7)

A 16-year-old West Potomac High School student has been charged with assaulting an assistant principal and a school resource officer, police say.

The school officials approached the student about possible illegal activity near the gym after a pep rally Thursday afternoon, according to a statement from Fairfax County Police.

Police believe the student assaulted the assistant principal and the SRO tried to take him into custody. The student then assaulted the officer and they both went to the ground, police say.

Approximately 100 students surrounded the officer and student, prompting the officer to call for emergency back up. He also pulled out his Electronic Control Weapon to help control the crowd of students, but he didn’t use it on anyone, according to the statement.

The SRO and school staff moved the student to a nearby locker room.

The student is being held at the Juvenile Detention Center and he faces charges of Assault on Law Enforcement Officer, Assault on a School Official, and Disorderly Conduct, police say.

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