Water back after 16-inch water main break shut down intersection in Hyattsville


The intersection of Queens Chapel Road and Hamilton Street in Hyattsville was closed for much of the day Saturday as workers repaired a 16-inch water main break.

WSSC announced Sunday that the break was finally repaired, the intersection is now open and all affected customers have water again.

“Once we get down to the pipe, that’s when we’ll know how hard the repair really is,” WSSC spokesperson Luis Maya had said earlier.

WSSC said that 36 homes and 14 businesses were impacted by the repairs, which were completed overnight.

“We just have to go with the flow, but it’s not good for me. It’s not good for business,” said Odessa McDaniel, co-owner of Chichie’s Pet Boutique.

Going with the flow with no water running was not easy for a pet groomer.

“When I came in, I said, ‘No water?’ So, I’m thinking short term,” McDaniel said. “I haven’t been out there to look at the swimming pool in the middle of the street.”

A barber shop a few doors down also lost water on Saturday.

“You’re concerned, but you understand it was unavoidable and you just deal with the situation,” said Pauline Williams, with Queens Chapel Barber Shop.

Neighbors stopped throughout the day to get a look at the gaping hole in the middle of the intersection.

“For a minute, I’m thinking, ‘Oh cool! Master Splinter and the turtles are coming out!” joked Rico Livingston, who lives nearby, in reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

McDaniel said in her 46 years in business, she’s never had her water shut off like in this case.

WSSC said water was provided to all customers impacted during the repairs.

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