10 years ago, American Bob Levinson disappeared in Iran

The Trump administration is vowing to continue efforts to find an American citizen who disappeared in Iran ten years ago. Bob Levinson disappeared March 9, 2007 while visiting Iran's Kish island.

At the time, he was reportedly working on an unauthorized CIA mission.

Levinson turns 69 years old on Friday. He has seven children but – missing a decade now – he has only met one of his six grandchildren.

The Trump administration says it "will spare no effort” to find Levinson. “And we will not rest until his case is resolved,” said press secretary Sean Spicer at his daily White House briefing.

After ten years missing, Levinson is now said to be the longest held American captive in history.

FBI Agents Association President Tom O'Connor said, “We just really want to see Bob Levinson brought home to his family so he can go to the birthday parties and holidays which he and his family all deserve.”

When he disappeared, Levinson was working as a private investigator after 22 years with the FBI and six with the DEA.

“I represent 13,000 FBI agents and former FBI agents and when a brother or sister is missing like in this case, we all feel that,” O’Connor said.

The FBI released a statement Thursday, marking the anniversary of Levinson’s disappearance.

“Over the past decade, the FBI and our partners in the United States government have worked tirelessly to bring Bob home, and we continue to pursue every lead collected through interviews, intelligence reporting and contact with foreign governments. In recent years, representatives of the government of Iran and the United States agreed to cooperate in sharing information which could lead to Bob’s return.”

FBI Director James Comey also noted that Levinson disappeared in Iran.

“Ten years is an inhumane amount of time to ask a family to wait for word of their loved one. Our ability to reunite Bob with his family is dependent on this shared commitment and we continue to call on the Iranian government to provide assistance,” Comey said.

The U.S. government is offering a $5 million reward for information that leads to Levinson's location and safe return.

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