10 arraigned after being indicted on felony riot charges on Inauguration Day

Ten of the people accused of participating in violent protests on D.C. streets on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration were in court Thursday.

They were among the 230 people who were arrested and charged during Inauguration Day incidents involving broken windows, burned vehicles, and fighting with police. The incidents happened in a four-block area around 12th and K Sts. NW in downtown D.C.

Thursday at D.C. Superior Court, 10 of the 11 who were indicted by the grand jury on felony riot charges Wednesday were arraigned.

Charging documents showed some of the defendants are from as far away as Maine, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Georgia. Three are from Pennsylvania, two are from Virginia, and two are from Maryland.

Those indicted Wednesday include: David Baghdadi, 39, of Rockville; Jeremy Bingham, 24, of Arlington Mass.; Matthew Fichtner, 25, of Boston; Nathaniel Jaffe, 29, of Philadelphia; Samuel Kitch, 26, of Baltimore; Tylan Paxton, 24, of Woodbridge, Va.; Colton Richardson, 26, of Savannah Ga; Matthew Stearns, 30, of Carbondale Ill.; Breton Strasburger, 22, of Pittsburgh; Nicholas Webster, 19, of Erie, Pa., and Lucas Wooden, 21, of Wilton, Maine.

All but Jaffe were scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Attorney Grandison Hill said he represented eight of the 10 who were in court. He said they are worried.

Prosecutors gathering video of the scene from various sources said new evidence is coming in every day.

The judge told the defendants to come back March 17th for their next appearance.

On Friday, 52 more people were charged with felony rioting. They face a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

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