Most dangerous toys 2013 include lead-laced product, small items

    WASHINGTON (AP/WJLA) - Toy recalls for excessive lead and other hazards are down this year, but consumer advocates warn that potential dangers to children remain on store shelves.

    The U.S. Public Interest Research Group analyzed 50 toys for its annual safety report and found lead, loudness and other violations in just under a dozen toys.

    The consumer advocate group said that a Captain America Soft Shield purchased at Toys R Us had 29 times the legal limit of lead. The report said a package of toy jewelry rings from Dollar General tested positive for lead at twice the legal limit.

    Other concerns in the report included small parts that could cause a child to choke and some toddler toys that were too loud and exceeded federal safety limits.

    One of the noisiest toys was the Leap Frog Chat and Count Cell Phone. It reaches 85 decibels when the maximum for toys is 65. The L’il Phone Pal and the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn remote were also too loud according to federal standards.

    Some of the products included on the U.S. PIRG list are:

    Product Concern Dollar Tree princess want Choking Littlest Pet Shop toys Choking Captain America Soft Shield Lead exposure Lil' Pal Phone Loud noises

    A full look at the report can be seen below:

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