Paleo Diet helps Fairfax family shed pounds, stay healthy

It's dinner time at the McCarry-Toth household, and husband and wife Stacy and Matt and their three sons are ready to eat. On the menu this night - a hearty helping of meatloaf, roasted asparagus and mashed carrots.

It's all healthy, it's all natural and, most notably, it's all Paleo.

This family is one of thousands of Americans eating like our ancestors from the Paleolithic Era. That means their diet is completely made up of meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs and nuts, eliminating such other stables such as dairy, rice, grains, processed foods or refined sugar.

After giving birth to their third son in 2010, Stacy stumbled upon books detailing the Paleo Diet. It immediately clicked, and when coupled with regular exercise, the pounds started to fall off and stay off. She lost over 100 pounds and kicked several ailments, including sleep apnea, heartburn and joint pain.

"I felt so much better within days," Stacy said. "I started pulling stuff out of the pantry and throwing it away."

Matt, in the meantime, has also lost a ton of weight and says that both symptoms of allergies and depression have gone away. He believes the reason the Paleo lifestyle is spreading is because of the potential for quick results.

"I just feel much stronger, and it has only gotten better," he said. "My life has completely changed. I found that I was able to do more."

Even their three sons are enjoying all their healthy meals both at home and at school. In fact, the only thing they haven't been able to recreate under the Paleo Diet is macaroni and cheese.

Now, the McCarry-Toth family keep a blog, upload YouTube videos and have even authored a Paleo cookbook.

For more on how to eat Paleo, click here.

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