Paddleboard yoga: SUP on the Potomac

Jane Daly is a dedicated yoga instructor who grew up surfing. So when she was introduced to stand-up paddle-boarding, or SUP, a few yeas ago, she knew combining all of her loves would be perfect.

Daly teaches the SUP-yoga on the Potomac. The classes are taught through Ebb-and-Flow Yoga at the Key Bridge Boathouse in Georgetown. The classes have been a hit, selling out every time.

"You're in nature. You're slowing down. You're breathing," explained Daly. "You feel like you're a million miles away, but you never left town, you're still here."

The class starts out by paddling out several yards to Roosevelt Island. That's when the SUP stops and the yoga starts.

"I was totally afraid that I was going to fall in," said Molly{}Conway. "But it's a lot easier once you're up and running on the board."

The class is open to all levels. The instructor makes adjustments based on your skill level. Some even say they've found SUP yoga to be more of a workout than traditional yoga.

"It activates a lot of different muscles than yoga on land," said Daly. "So you can really shine a spotlight on your yoga practice if you have one. And if you don't have one its a really adventerous and a fun way to start yoga."

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