Local women create 'Braggs Bras' to help women with breast reconstruction after cancer

    Two years ago, Kara Gorski's life changed forever. The mother of two, just thirty five at the time, Kara was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    “My mother passed away when she was 39 of breast cancer, so when I found my own lump I was pretty sure that's what it was,” Kara said.

    After going through chemotherapy and testing positive for the breast cancer BRCA- one gene, the Alexandria resident decided to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Her older sister Kristin also tested positive for the gene and while she hadn't developed cancer—she decided to have preventative surgery as well.

    “It's a very difficult process, you're losing a piece of yourself your femininity,” she said.

    While recovering, the sisters found it difficult to find a bra that supported their new shape—and after talking to other women they realized they weren't alone. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

    The sisters co-founded Braggs and started designing bras for women who have had reconstruction. The bras have unique patent pending features including technology to help women post-surgery have a more natural breast profile, filling in the missing projection often resulting from reconstruction.

    Kara said that the bras are wire free and provide support where you need it and is also conscious of the delicate tissue around the reconstruction area.

    In this season where many give thanks, the two sisters say they're thankful to be healthy and help others through the production of a bra that women will be able to brag about.

    “I think we both just feel really blessed to be able to do something for ourselves and for other women,” Kara said.

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