Ivan Nolia teaches yoga at 9 years old

    WASHINGTON (WJLA) - His asana is just as good as anyone twice his age. And he vinyasas with the very best of them. When it comes to yoga, 9-year-old Ivan Nolia's instructors say he's a natural.

    Ivan began taking yoga when he was 8 years old, so technically he's still a novice. But he's also one of the District's newest yoga teachers. He's not even in middle school, yet Ivan has passed the standard 200-hour yoga teacher training.

    Ivan studies yoga at District Yoga on 14th Street. It's the place his mother first brought him a year ago when she wanted to try yoga.

    "He's just really taken his practice to a really advanced stage over the course of a very short period of time," said Jasmine Chehraz, who taught Ivan's first class. "He's a natural."

    Ivan also does gymnastics, kung fu and is on his local swim team. But he says it's yoga that helps him concentrate and stay focused in the classroom.

    "I don't act too wild and things like that, like some kids do," explained Ivan.

    While he's certified to teach, Ivan says he's not able to do it all the time with his classwork and other commitments. But his community classes fill up quickly.

    So what's in this young yogi's future? He says he wants to be an astronaut, a doctor and continue to practice and teach yoga.

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