Dog personality test: 'Dognition' analyzes dogs' decisions

Do you really understand how your dog makes decisions? A new scientific test claims to reveal the answer by looking at your dog’s cognitive ability and personality.

The “Dognition” test isn’t about which dog is the smartest, it analyzes how dogs make decisions using science-based games created by Duke University’s Canine Cognition Center.

“That’s the purpose of the test,” says Yody Blass, an animal behaviorist, “to show the weaknesses and the strengths and to understand your dog and what makes your dog tick, what makes your dog think, react and problem solve.”

With a few household items and quite a few treats, you test things like how long your dog will hold your gaze, if they will sneak a treat when you’re not looking and if they follow your cue or their memory.

Instant results reveal your dog’s personality type.

Some dogs are Proto-dogs, reminiscent of first dogs that began their relationship with early mankind. Stargazers have more going on in their minds than meets the eye, and Renaissance dogs are good at a little bit of everything.

A multi-page report explains your dog’s cognitive ability to help you better understand, train and bond with your dog.

“Dognition” costs $60 per dog and takes about 90 minutes to complete. To get the best results, you should take a few breaks to hold your dog’s focus.

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