Woman says she was kicked out of Kevin Hart's D.C. show due to Fitbit


Ashley Harris was one of Kevin Hart’s biggest fans, but when she went to his recent show she had a change of heart.

“I’ve been to every single one of Kevin Hart’s shows,” Harris said. “I’m not feeling like a fan right now.”

After paying roughly $400 for tickets, Harris says she was kicked out because security guards believed she violated the rules for the show.

“We were just sitting there laughing," Harris said. "They thought that I was recording something, because I had my smart watch."

Before the show, the audience was asked not to use their cell phones, but Harris says she was not warned about having a Fitbit.

“It has no recording capability, it has no texting capability. I wasn’t even looking at it,” Harris said. “When we got outside there was at least 20 people we ran into that got kicked out.”

A few hours after 7 On Your Side looked into Harris’ complaint, Ticketmaster called and agreed to refund her money.

“I want an apology, I want Kevin Hart to call me back personally,” Harris said.

ABC7 reached out to Capital One Arena and Ticketmaster regarding the issue but has not received a response.

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