Superheroes abound at 'Awesome Con D.C.'

(WJLA) - The cameras could not stay away at Awesome Con D.C. on Thursday.

Super heroes and villain of all shapes and sizes were there to be counted. You couldn’t help but notice the person counting had a badge from the Guinness World Records.

"The current record is 1,530. It was set in China in 2011. We need at least one more than that," said organizer Ben Penrod.

One young, caped crusader couldn’t miss his chance to try and be part of something big.

"He's a fan of the Guinness Book of World Records, and every year he buys the books so I'd thought it'd be nice if he could get in it one year," said Batman's mom, Shelley Shearer.

ABC7 was just outside the rope as they tried to count and see if they really beat the world record. While the counting continued, we met one couple:

"I think it's fun because you know, when we're little we have Halloween, right? And we all get to be little superheroes when we're kids and when we grow up we lose that a little bit," said D.C. resident and participant, Katelin Shugart-Schmidt. "And I think it's fun to get a with a group of people who are kind of willing to let that go and get out and have a good time."

"You see a lot of suits and ties in D.C. and I think it's better to have superheroes dressed up," added Elan Sperandeo.

Unfortunately, even with all the super powers present, it wasn’t enough to get this crowd a super number. Only 237 were counted, so no record-breaker this year.

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