Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams come forward with James Toback sex allegations

Film Premiere of Doctor Strange - Arrivals Featuring: Rachel McAdams Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 21 Oct 2016 Credit: Apega/

Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams have added their names to the list of women who have come forward to accuse filmmaker James Toback of sexual harassment.

The writer/director has been outed for his alleged inappropriate actions by over 30 women in a new Los Angeles Times expose, and now "Hellboy" star Blair and McAdams have added their own tales of how Toback took advantage of them.

"The Notebook" star tells Vanity Fair the 72-year-old director invited her to his hotel room and allegedly told her he had masturbated thinking about her since they met at an audition.

According to Rachel, he also asked, "Will you show me your pubic hair?"

"I was very lucky that I left and he didn’t actually physically assault me in any way," she explains. "I had never experienced anything like that in my life. I was so naive. I think I just didn’t want to believe that it could turn worse. But yes, there was this sinking feeling inside of me. Like, 'Oh my God, I am in this hotel room alone with this person.'

"I just kept trying to normalize it, thinking, 'This has to be some weird acting exercise. This is some kind of test. I just have to show that I am brave and this does not bother me and nothing can shake me'.

"I really was frozen. My brain was not catching up."

Selma also met Toback in his hotel room and he insisted on rubbing himself against her while he forced her to look him in the eyes.

"He said, 'It’s O.K. I can come in my pants," she recalls. "I have to rub up against your leg. You have to pinch my nipples. And you have to look into my eyes'. I thought, 'Well, if I can get out of here without being raped...'

"He walked me back to the bed. He sat me down. He got on his knees. And he continued to press so hard against my leg. He was greasy and I had to look into those big brown eyes. I tried to look away, but he would hold my face. So I was forced to look into his eyes. And I felt disgust and shame, and like nobody would ever think of me as being clean again after being this close to the devil. His energy was so sinister."

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