Real life Olivia Pope weighs in on social media and "Scandal" show

(WJLA) - The fast-moving twists and turns on “Scandal” are hard enough to keep track of, but where the story lines become blurred lines is where the fixer finds herself in need of a fix!

"I think for a crisis manager, it is very interesting -- instead of handling the crisis, now she is the crisis," says Judy Smith, also known as the real-life Olivia Pope.

Smith had her hands full working as professional fixer during the Clinton administration, trying to tidy up the scandalous Lewinsky affair that tainted the presidency.

But something Smith did not have to contend with that Pope does have to manage, is social media.

“It is so different -- social media has really changed the landscape for crisis management," Smith says.

Gone, Smith adds, are the days of credible sources of veteran journalists being the news breakers. Instead:

“Someone can be blogging at home in their pajamas, and all of a sudden, it goes all over the world -- so it is very, very difficult. If it's incorrect, you have to pull it back very quickly, or else you'll lose control over the narrative."

A perfect example of where "Scandal" merges with social media? This interactive weekly watch party, where a panel weighs in on each episode via live streaming video.

We wonder what advice they would give our beloved Olivia?

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