Lenny Kravitz is baffled he can't escape his gigantic scarf more than 5 years later

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WASHINGTON (CIRCA) -- Lenny Kravitz discussed a very important subject earlier this week on The Tonight Show - the photo of him wearing a giant purple scarf that has been creating an uproar on the internet for years.

The photo originally appeared on social media circa 2012, and has since been a beloved autumn meme.

When Jimmy Fallon asked Kravitz about it, he didn't even need to finish his sentence before the singer said, "Oh man, I cannot escape this."

He explained how the photo originated.

"I live in the Bahamas. I'm used to hot weather, I had to go to the store, I was buying some groceries. I thought I'd throw on a little scarf to protect my throat, and that's the scarf I had."

Fallon interjects, "Lenny, this is not a scarf. This is a blanket." Jimmy did admit if anyone could pull off the look, it's Lenny.

"The guy who made that scarf, who you can blame that on, he gave it to me," Lenny said, explaining the scarf was a gift from a friend. "And that was the day I thought I'd break it out. I had no idea there'd be paparazzi."

Then Fallon pulled out a photo of Kravitz in which the scarf is bigger than his actual body. "Here's the thing about the internet," Lenny said. "The scarf keeps getting bigger and bigger."

At least Kravitz has a good sense of humor about it, because this photo likely isn't going away any time soon.

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