NBA player Frank Kaminsky has plenty of basketball to play, but keeps his future in mind

Frank Kaminsky (WLUK).

CHICAGO (WLUK) -- Frank Kaminsky's talents aren't restricted to the basketball court.

The former Wisconsin Badger and current Charlotte Hornets forward has his own podcast that launched in March.

"It’s just been something fun that we can all do," said Kaminsky. "We just enjoy each other and enjoy our time and just try to have fun and our podcast is just a way of doing that.”

Kaminsky and three of his high school buddies started the comedy podcast "Pros and Joes" that talks sports, pop culture and everything in between.

“It started towards the end of last season, but obviously the summer is the time to do it," said Kaminsky. "We have a running thing on our podcast where I don’t work out, so I’m not working out so I’m just able to do podcasts all day and set up hot dog eating contests and go do whatever it is I want to do, go lose my voice at a wedding singing too hard to Cee Lo Green. It’s just certain things I do that I enjoy having fun with.”

Entering his fourth NBA season, Kaminsky said he has a lot left in the tank, but he’s always preparing for what’s next.

"The NBA always tries to set you up for what’s after and the main thing that they speak about is being proactive now so that you can be prepared for whatever it is when you’re done. I think this is one of those things where it’s something I know I can do and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it and maybe that is my thing when I’m done, but we’ll see," said Kaminsky. "That’s so far down the line I really haven’t even thought about it yet, but like I said I just want to make sure I use the platform I have now to make sure there’s no stone that’s left unturned.”

For now Kaminsky’s focused on getting the Hornets back in the playoffs. Bringing the same mentality to Charlotte that helped him reach two consecutive Final Fours with the Badgers.

"It was funny, back at Wisconsin I used to set really high expectations for my team and people thought it was stupid, what I was saying but that’s really how my mind works," said Kaminsky. "I don’t see how our team can’t become one of the top four teams in the east, make it back to the playoffs and have home court advantage in the playoffs. I don’t see a reason why that can’t happen.”

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