Jennifer Lawrence describes tactic used by producers as 'dehumanizing'

'Red Sparrow' European Premiere - Arrivals Featuring: Jennifer Lawrence Where: London, United Kingdom When: 20 Feb 2018 Credit: JRP/WENN

Jennifer Lawrence said she was told by producers to lose weight, and the way they did it was "dehumanizing."

Speaking to Chirstiane Amanpour, the Oscar-winning actress said she was once subjected to "abusive" behavior by producers when she was forced to undress in a line-up with other women.

"The producers were trying to illustrate to me that I was overweight, but I wasn't" she explained.

"It was dehumanizing in a different way."

Lawrence described the other women as much thinner than her size at the time.

"I was told to use the photos as motivation for my diet."

The producer who asked the photos be taken was a woman, according to the actress.

She said her experience doesn't feel akin to the stories told about Harvey Weinstein's abuse toward women, which birthed the #MeToo movement.

"I don't feel right putting myself in that exact category. I was certainly mistreated. I was definitely treated in a way that I think now we would now call abusive. "

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