Bee Gee's children release tribute album on Father's Day

Barry Gibb performs live at the O2 Arena. London, United Kingdom on Oct. 3, 2013 (WENN Online)

(WENN) - The children of the Bee Gees have poignantly chosen to release their first tribute album to their parents on Father's Day.

The trio of brothers, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, formed the group in 1958 and had massive hits with songs such as 'How Deep Is Your Love' and 'Stayin' Alive'.

Barry is the only surviving member of the group, having lost brother Maurice in 2003 and Robin in 2012, while his other brother Andy, who wasn't a part of the band, died in 1988 aged 30.

A year ago, seven children of the Gibb siblings teamed up to form their own tribute band, entitled 'The Gibb Collective', and they decided to honor their lost relatives by timing the release of their debut record with the familial holiday.

The Daily Mail Online reports Robin-John Gibb, the son of Robin, said of the project: "I was happy to be part of it. It shows the musical legacy of the family is still strong."

Meanwhile, Adam Gibb, Maurice's son, added: "To have family all over the world, all of us coming together to make this special album for our fathers, it's an honour."

The group, who live in various locations throughout the world including London, Los Angeles, Sydney and Ohio, were never all in one place at one time. Instead, they recorded their parts individually and these were then blended together in a production studio in America.

Michael Garbutt, who worked as Robin's manager for the last six years of the singer's life, said of the eponymous album: "The record is a poignant tribute to their fathers' legacy.

"Each of the children has music in their blood and when fans hear the harmonizing they will get goose bumps. The kids have put their own spin on their fathers' classic songs but there is no doubt that talent runs in the family."


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