An outpouring of appreciation

Many Oprah fans sent in comments thanking Oprah for her enthusiasm, informative shows and generosity. Besides wishing her the best of luck, viewers praised Oprah for getting them difficult times.

Jazzyjane on Monday wrote: “Not before your show Oprah had I found any TV show that expanded my mind, brought me to tears (happy and sad), how to buy a bra!, eat healthy, lose weight (still trying) and take time for myself. I will miss you and your entire staff who made the show's my DO NOT DISTURB it's 4:00 p.m. 'me time.'"

Another viewer, Majormom, wrote: “When I joined the service I had her by my side. When I went on an assignment without my family, she kept me company on the lonely days and nights for over one year. And most importantly when I was medically retired from the military I prayed with Oprah that everything would be alright for me and my kids.”

You can send ABC7 your thank you messages, your farewells, and your fondest Oprah memories by leaving a comment on this page. Every day this week, we'll pick out our favorites and feature them here on

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